“All things are possible to him who believes in himself”

More than a century ago, Charles Fourier, a French philosopher, declared that the future of the world would grow out of the brain of man, shaped, controlled and directed by the desires and passions by which men are moved. His prophecy is coming true, yet man through his mind has barely started shaping and controlling the world.

Wise man takes action instantaneously and fool keeps procrastinating. Work one accomplishes in 8 hours another does, the same, in 4 hours, it’s not a magic it’s as simple as 1+1 = 11. One person caught up in the web of thoughts accomplishes the same task, time and again, in more than sufficient time which an utterly focused person does in a flash. If we only winnow our thoughts and back them up optimistically, favorable results are palpable.

Thoughts are like a little born baby if nurtured properly everything is possible. As child imitates what his parents do or say, likewise, our thoughts work as we want them to, it is our own creation. Those who fail either become successful or degenerate into a catastrophe, however it is only a belief which can supersede disaster if applied diligently. People who labor all their lives but have no purpose to direct every thought and impulse toward are wasting their time even when hard at work. Once successful is not successful forever until he restores the same fervor he used to have in the beginning. For, those who forget lessons of history are condemned to repeat them, over and over again.

Great leaders also said to be the great thinkers, and they understand their potential and the power of thinking. Thinking could even be dangerous, it could create a heaven like Taj Mahal or a hell like 9/11, so be wise while thinking. For, it’s only a thought which created the universe;

Which made Narayan Murthy start Infosys way back in 1981 and make it the country’s second largest software services firm with an estimated market cap of $35 billion.

It’s only a thought which made Warren Buffet, the world’s third richest billionaire who pledged to give away 99% of his wealth (announced in 2006), to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and family charities. The same thought which made them billionaires will now aid other’s in need.

It’s only a thought which made Sunil Mittal, who built a telecom empire with whopping 140 million subscribers, commit to build 550 schools to educate 100,000 poor children deep inside the Indian villages. “This is very different from writing a cheque (as charity to NGOs),” he says.

It’s only a thought which made Shiv Nadar, founder-chairman of HCL group, raise about $125 million to educate poor rural children in India and mould them into leaders. “I want to create a leadership factory by helping the underprivileged,” he exclaims.

Think about people who don’t even have a means to provide their children with basic amenities, how happy they would be with lesser burden on their frail shoulders, only if someone takes the initiative. You can not prevent everyone from being starved but you can at least help those whose day’s meal is cheaper than your supper. Therefore, charity begins at home, may be you are not one amongst the billionaires, but you can still make a difference by following what you are committed to do.

It’s all within, and your success is the success of everyone close to you. There is an old saying; if you don’t follow your own thoughts then you will follow the thoughts of the fellow who followed his. It’s better to fail today on your own decisions than fall short after five years on other’s decisions. “You have to pay your own bills. You can’t leave this world without having paid the interest or received the dividend, nil your account will be in the end.” It, further, marks a difference between a leader and a follower, and what you are; you will be recalled as the same person even after you leave this planet. We die but not our deeds, they are eternal.

I have attempted to highlight what quite a few benevolent billionaires have been doing, although the list is endless, however, I will have to write a book to name each person, in person. Not only history even 21st century is chock-full of heroes even you could be the one.

I have not seen God but I believe he is there and takes care of everyone. Same ways I believe in my beliefs and respect everyone’s respectfully, who knows you could be another Gates or Buffet.“The person who does not believe in his dreams is no better off the person who does not dream.”

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