You can fool all the peopvoteble some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Abraham Lincoln


Every time election comes I try to put aside my To-Do-List and try to convince people, no matter where they live, to vote for the party they trust the most. Each time amid elections people face various dilemmas like “who is better?,” “who is real?, “who will make better India?,” etcetera. And in this confusion most of them often get swayed by the jazzy politicians going by their false and tall promises all the time. On the contrary the ones who worked and performed better in the recent past ought to come out of their shell, become immodest, scream in public and list out their achievements, it won’t be wrong to say ‘Every thing is fair in love and politics.’

It is but obvious that the person with better track record in the past will have brighter chances to win despite his political background or the party he or she belongs to. Over the time we have been hearing politicians making tall promises to lure people. For case in point, distributing free laptops, cycles, making reservations, giving minority status, benefits to women and making rigorous efforts just to entice “Aam Aadmi.” Because they know that their vote can turn around the game in their favour, on the other hand, the innocent “Aam Aadmi,” not well-informed, not so political savvy or we can say ignorant of the nitty-grity of politics get trapped easily. It won’t be wrong to say that some, in fact, most of them are fooled not twice or thrice but manifold times, but this can’t be an eternal process as it is well said above ‘You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.’

Congress, Narendra Modi or AAP – Who is better??


These are the three political parties come to my mind when I think of voting for the Lok Sabha elections. We all know for what and who is making rounds in the country and who all are doing justice to their Leadership position and the citizens of this country. Most politicians talk about Leadership, action, and their future plans but when it comes to real-time performance they show poor results, work hands in glove with the corrupt people only to add on to the pervasive corruption in the country. Hence, without falling into the trap of blame-game, I would rather count on the good work done by the political party I want to see in power and exercise my right to vote.

“Our nation is filled with tremendous energy of the youth. Whatever future we desire of, we must keep the youth at the centre. If we do this, we can surge ahead at an unmatchable pace.” Narendra Modi. Hence, today India is said to be the country of the Youth which makes it the youngest country in the world with the average age of every person between 26-28 years. At the same time people are now more technology savvy, educated and understanding which is why Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption and Jan Lokpal Bill movement caught momentum where people from all ages, caste, religion and cities united for a common cause. Likewise, I noticed in the case of Nirbhya gang-rape case. This is quite evident that people can understand and differentiate well between right and wrong and the landslide victory of AAm Admi Party in New Delhi is testament to that, that’s a different story they couldn’t perform well but they were given an opportunity by the people of India.

The second largest political party, Bharatiya Janata Party, formed in 1980, has been doing a great job which is quite visible through the Gujarat Model under the leadership of Narendra Modi and various other leaders put together. That it claims to make whole India like Gujarat sooner or later but again it is also facing the heat from the opposition parties especially Congress. However comparing Narendra Modi with Rahul Gandhi sounds more like a joke than reality, all thanks to their media partners. As it is said, truth is bitter than fiction, but who cares as long as good work is concerned there is nothing media or anything else can do for them.

Your vote, your right, your future

Vote for the one who believes in, ‘doing than just promising.’ I always fall short of words when I see naive people of India who have given more than enough chances to treacherous Congress party to prove their mettle, but in vein. Like every time they are ready with big promises, unrealistic schemes leading to mounting corruption. As we all know that a well written speech, bunch of promises for giving better India, bigger India is very easy but when it comes to reality, in hindsight, everything looks immature and childish. With this attitude the day won’t be far when Rakhi Sawant’s faddish political party Rashtriya Aam Party (RAAP) will compete with India’s oldest political parties like BJP and Congress.

It pinches me when I see the party I vote for couldn’t form government due to shortfall in votes; it is kind of a same feeling what a cricket freak feels when his favourite team, performing well from the beginning, loses in the finale. On the contrary it pinches me more when I see that other people winning in the elections are doing their own good instead of the people of this country.

Hence the picture is quite clear whom do you want to see as your next Prime Minister, definitely he should be the person who is capable enough of becoming a role model of the youngest country, who makes few promises but accomplish more, listen to our pleas, who can be trustworthy of our votes. For that he doesn’t have to be young enough, I believe his work will say everything. Therefore, by this time we all know who that person is but it is very important for us to exercise our right to vote otherwise again for few more years just anybody can form the treacherous government.

I urge you all to exercise your right to vote and vote for the one you trust the most; don’t go by media, tall promises made by politicians or film stars jumping into politics. It’s the responsibility of every Indian citizen, because it will help bring the right people to power and make better India.

Think twice before you vote, your vote can make a difference.

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