“With all my love for India, and with all my patriotism and veneration for the ancients, I cannot but think that we have to learn many things from other nations. We must be always ready to sit at the feet of all, for, mark you, everyone can teach us great lessons. At the same time we must not forget that we have also to teach a great lesson to the world.” – Swami Vivekananda

wowI wish you all a very Happy Independence day, since we all know that we got independent in 1947 and since then we have been celebrating our Independence Day on 15th of August. It was a time when our countrymen fought in unison for the welfare of this country. As it is often said that History repeats itself, so this is the time when it has become utterly important to all of us to retain this independence because getting freedom and maintaining it is equally important, hence, we all are duty-bound to work and set examples for the future of this country and the generation to come. And we can’t do until we are together and ready to sacrifice anything for our beloved country. On togetherness, here is a beautiful example I would like to recite:

A tailor always kept his scissors below his foot, and his needle pinned either to the cap on his head or on his collar. When asked why, he replied, “The scissors represent our regrettable tendency to cut and divide ourselves from each other, and must be kept firmly under control, under your foot. On the other hand, the needle represents our divine ability to sow and unite in oneness, so it must be respected with a ‘salaam’ by pinning it on the head or embraced gladly by pinning it on the collar.

Unbeknown to most of the people today Independence Day has just become a word, true, it is to be celebrated only if we understand it’s true meaning in life. We often hear people talking about a long weekend, panning new movies, sleeping the entire day or vegetating time in other  activities on such an important day. Sometimes people seem to be so busy in their lives that they have no time for each other forget the country and they plan vacation on the Independence Day. This is the irony, but it can’t be ignored what we do our kids will follow, if we respect our parents they will respect us, if we ridicule and mistreat them they will do the same with others, therefore we should set examples that others should follow and feel proud of. For case in point, today, on 68th Independence Day on Friday, Aug 15, in his speech at Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proudly said that, “Main aapke beech Pradhan Mantri ke roop mei nahin, pradhan sevak ke roop mei maujood hoon (I am not talking as a PM but as a servant to the nation).” If we all can work with this modesty and austerity then the day will not be far when we will be living in a developed country where there will be no poverty, no corruption, no illiteracy and no negativity surrounding us.

India as called the youngest country in the world must make youth it’s backbone by educating them, in doing so, in true sense, we will become the most promising country in the world. Kids must be inculcated that they might not had the chance to die for the country but they surely have the chance to do something that people will remember them after thousand years of their existence. Independence, today has a deeper meaning, it is not just celebrating freedom from the then Britishers but freedom from our unconstructive thoughts, narrow mindedness, corruption, greed, poverty, illiteracy, incurable diseases and more. We might not get everything in life still we should always keep faith, there were many Indians who sweat their blood and died just to liberate India.

Sabhi ko sabhi kuch haasil nahin milta, nadi ki har leher ko saahil nahin milta, are yeh dil walon ki duniya hai ajab hai daastan iski, kisi se dil nahi milta aur koi dil se nahi milta.

Let us all take a pledge TODAY to make neat and clean India and do everything possible to Re-Make India as a powerful country, lastly, remember, Freedom always comes with obvious responsibility, if we don’t accept it then it won’t last long. Wish you all a Happy Independence Day. JAI HIND

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