It takes really hard to understand that people who become wanderers become anything that comes their way easily, just to survive, therefore, there are people who get to channelize their energy consciously in the right direction and earn their living with dignity. Money is essential to survive in today’s world but this is also true that money can buy you a house, clothes, in fact all the materialistic things in the world except the purity and love in your heart. Just in case, money can’t make you like a person or force you to build faith in God. But the cliché is no more true; the monks are not just surviving without money but leading a healthy and peaceful life. There was a time when they used to say that all the monks live in Himalayas, this cliché has also proved to be wrong, it’s not necessary to live in the mountains to focus on your core values. In fact you can pursue all your rituals at your place too as long as you have self-control, but double check that you lead a principled life. It is very important to understand that we should not be controlled by our mind but we should control it.

The kind of life these monks are living is unthinkable and more we introspect the more we understand about life. We think that those living in the mountains are neither educated nor aware about the society we are living in but it’s completely wrong, I can say that because I have witnessed it myself. The one you can see in the picture is a great personality known for his witty speeches all across the world.

When I enquired more about the lifestyle of the celebrity monk “Prabhu Gaur Gopal Das,” I came to know certain outstanding but inspiring facts about the 44 years old Guru, he did his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the government College of Engineering, Pune in 1995. He worked at Hewlett-Packard for a short period of time and decided to become a monk and life coach. And today it has been more than 22 years he has been helping people and teaching Leadership & Spirituality all across the world, and the most important part is that he too speaks in our language. Which you can easily understand and feel connected.

He has all the knowledge about Shrimad Bhagvad gita and the teachings of Lord Krishna and the same he preaches to the world. He is a learned man and quite aware about the basic rigmarole of the world we live in.

“There is so much of Hunger in this world, not the one of stomach but one of heart, there is so much of hatred and emptiness in the world therefore the need for love is all the more important.”

However these contemporary monks who are just like us are fulfilling this perceptible gap. They are not just educated but humble and happy too at the same time; they have mastered the art of living a principled life. Their message to the entire world to be happy is delineated in their speeches and writings, which we are ignorant of, as we are so busy in our own life that we don’t have tom for ourselves.

Everywhere where there is lot of clamouring about the law of karma and doing good deeds. Well, it’s entirely in our control, what we do, think or act has direct consequences in our life. But the intention that you have while doing the following karma is the decided factor, for example, if you kill someone out of hatred then definitely you are going to be punished. On the other hand if someone is killed by a doctor or in police encounter then there is no punishment because it happened while performing one’s duties that too without any ill-will against that person. That is what defines karma, all I can say is that your heart must be pure while performing your duties and if you do it wholeheartedly then you definitely deserve all the more good not just in your life but also in the life of others’ you come in contact with.

Although it’s quite a surprise to learn that these monks don’t own any property or relationships still they are the most happy people in the entire world without owning any wealth. All they have is faith in the God and to perform their duties selflessly towards God. I think money can buy happiness is also not true, and this is what I told in my Vlog, “Find your Happiness”, if you are in search of happiness then I’m not saying you to become monk, in fact just a little detachment from the materialistic world and following few principles will do.


“Remember, it is the giver who is blessed not the receiver.”

Lessons learned from this meeting:

  1. Live a PRINCIPLED life: Don’t live your life by the alarm clock, if you do so means you are not convinced or self-motivated.
  2. Don’t hurt anyone: Hurting someone mentally or physically is not less than a sin, try to be a better person by being compassionate and respectful for others.
  3. Help others genuinely: It can be usually found that we have become selfish enough, most things we do in a day are for our own benefit and we become avaricious in doing so. Try to be of help to someone everyday without any personal benefit.
  4. Perform your duties wholeheartedly: Whatever you do has nothing to do with the size of your work or working area, no matter even you do a small amount of work do it with dignity and good intentions.
  5. Always look for the best in other person: Remember a day you have lived till now when you haven’t criticized anyone, you will get the answer. Always appreciate others, there are many to find faults in everyone.

These are nothing just some notes I wanted to share with you all from my meeting with the untraditional monk, sharing is caring. If you find anything useful in it then share it with someone who need it the most.

Be Happy…!!!

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