The wise man may have been right: “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

One of the most important traits of good leadership is getting things done amicably. Who is better than a robot to do the insurmountable job impeccably. Well, doing all work by oneself will soon be a thing of the past and for those not following a habit of teamwork will soon become redundant. It has been seen that people in their 30-40 or those in the mid to senior-level roles don’t really have the willingness to change OR learn new skill as they are accustomed to their comfort zones. Therefore, the oldest segment of the workforce will be worst hit because machines will overtake them. For e.g. an accountant who can’t make account on computer can’t work with a good company in comparison to a fresh graduate with basic knowledge of computer or accounting software will always have an edge over others, as all the work is done in computer now a days.

According to the research by scientists, Advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence) will take over our world by 2029. It will just be a chip in our brain like a smartphone in our hands. We are only 11 years away from acquiring superhuman qualities by integrating the best of what man and machine together can accomplish. As bots are not just economical but they can also offer the option of keeping the work going 24×7 without any interruption. And the day won’t be far enough when robots will surpass humans beings’ mental and physical capabilities in almost everything.

Robots serving Burgers

Robots serving Burgers

It was more surprising when the statement came from the most admired man when it comes to technology and space, even I’m his great fan, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla said, “I don’t think anyone realizes how quickly artificial intelligence is advancing. AI could delete humans along with spam.”

Rumours are that manual work will be overtaken by robots as there will be no scarcity of robots in the coming future but there will be dire need for technically educated people (those who can operate robots or whose jobs can’t be done manually).

At McDonald’s robots have starting selling burgers, driver less cars are on the way, in Hollywood as we might see robotic movies are doing great job, and in dance too if we see robot dance has become a charm to watch.

At one point I do agree with scientists that advent of robots will kill most of the laborious jobs, as we are recently seeing in this digital age where e-commerce has totally given gooseflesh to unorganized retail industry of our country, mobile phone has become computer and mobile apps like paytm, bhim, phonepe etc. have become our bankers. One doesn’t require to go out for shopping or visit bank for bank statement or make/receive payments, everything has become so hassle-free. Now saying that the role of men will reduce based on certain points is true:

➢ Over half of the fresh graduates are not employable
➢ Two-thirds of children who joined a primary school in 2016 will end up doing jobs that don’t exist today
➢ New jobs and roles are also emerging around robot management, controlling them, and interactions between bots and humans according to reports by EY consultancy.
➢ Software robotics can do the same word faster, with fewer errors and better quality than humans where rule-based work is concerned. Therefore, bots are considered an economically viable alternative. Bots also offer the option of keeping the work going 24×7, boosting availability for customers, according to reports by PolicyBazaar.
➢ There are also areas where there is a paucity of people in India to do the work needed. For e.g. a telecom company or a retailer generates large amounts of data, which needs to be analysed and constantly sifted through. A human worker could plod through this data for 6-8 hours a day, whereas the bot can just keep on going.

We need to embrace with the changing technology at the same pace. Technology is changing for all of us, our children will be far ahead compared to us, on the other hand it’s nice to see older people who have begun to use smartphones, downloading apps and transacting digitally. But when it comes to the work place, it is something that doesn’t happen at the same speed.

People will be required to learn entire new skills and think about their working life in new ways, making lifelong learning and adaptability in a workplace is crucial to success. According to World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs report, by 2020, about 5 million jobs will be lost across 15 major developed and emerging economies.

According to Cognizant Technology Solution’s center for the future of work (CFW) almost 21 million jobs will be created over the next 10-15 years, triggering a wave of mass employment. “Machines can do more, but there is always more to do that almost always needs humans. Can a machine create itself, market itself, sell itself or fix itself? Machines are tools, and tools need to be used by people.”


As we see today that that we have somewhat zeroed the time spent with our kids, as a result they have no emotional attachment towards their folks instead they are more inclined towards their peers, socializing over internet or mobile phones. Consequently, there will be time when we have to take appointment from our kids and ask for their time. Losing personal touch with kids is most hazardous to humanity. And that is why today most kids either want to go abroad for a job or wish to live away from their parents and live on their own terms & conditions.

Loss of personal touch is one of the perils of a machine dominated era we need to ponder on. Loneliness, too, is slowly becoming an epidemic. This is especially true for elderly people who, with families living across continents and ways of life changing faster than they can grasp, go through forced isolation. This is where Agent walker/talker comes in, to listen, to respond, prompt conversation and engage them with companionship, basically to mingle with old people and make efforts to keep them happy. Just like uber connects drivers and passengers, new age walker/talker companies will match conversational companions and seniors, helping them overcome mental seclusion.

IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS: It is rightly said that the future belongs to the younger generation and that is why India is admired being the only country with most young people among the world of 7 billion people.

➢ Around 45.6%, which means that over half of fresh graduates are not fit to be hired. Today’s graduates must be skillful not just a degree holder and be prepared and equipped with the right tools to handle any job that they may take up in their working lives.
➢ OUR GRADUATES MUST BE PREPARED WITH MULTIDisciplinary thinking, strategic decision making and creative problem-solving, at a scale we haven’t experience before, it is this future that we need to prepare our youth for.
➢ There will be a drastic change in the categories of jobs as well, “Like we have gone from the era of the single-channel Doordarshan to that of DTH, NETFLIX, YouTube etc, we will see thousands of other professions coming our way. Therefore, we need to think beyond, BBA, BCA, B.COM, B.SC.
➢ You need to know how to contextualize your knowledge, otherwise you will gain a degree, but not an education that makes you steeled for the future.
➢ Its important to focus on 2 major things, 1.) HOW TO LEARN, RATHER THAN WHAT TO LEARN. AND 2) HOW TO BUILD A LIFELONG LEARNING HABIT. One approach to honing these skills, is through design thinking. “Design thinking is a human-centric, systematic approach to problem-solving, at its heart are empathy and creativity. It has widespread application across industry.
➢ We need to develop creative thinking skills, decision making skills, peace-maker skills, and most of all execution skills because DOING RIGHT THING AT THE RIGHT TIME IS MOST IMPORTANT. If you do right thing at the wrong time then it’s useless or if you do wrong thing at the right time again it’s useless.

Robots aren’t going to take all your jobs simply because they can’t. The future of work will be about human beings putting robots to good use. Therefore, what scientists say we must ponder over that but human beings are above robots can’t be ignored, after all, it’s men who make machines not the opposite. Hence, it is a point of concern and one should upgrade his skills and adapt to the technology at the same pace at which it is growing rest everything will be good.

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