Work in progress is how I define myself. I am a firm believer of learning something new each day and sharing it with others. I consider myself fortunate enough, being in my favorite profession, that I have the opportunity to do something I love, which I can do all my life.

Ups and Downs are a part of our lives but how we bounce-back is more important, I can say this from my personal experience, I had my bit too and I still face failures and take them as challenge, that is why I mentioned ‘how you bounce back is more important than how you fall down.’ We all have seen failures in our lives and we will keep facing them, that’s how life is, I have seen people overcoming all kinds of setbacks despite their handicaps just to fulfill that one dominant desire. And that makes people great, no matter where you study/work or where you live, in fact, what you think and what you do is more important.

I started writing few years back just to quench my thirst for writing, I had never thought I can inspire anyone through my writing until I started writing. However to keep it working I have started my personal blogging site as an extension of my micro blogging web page in order to share more knowledge and help motivate people to go to the extra mile.

We all have one leadership quality that can inspire others, it is all about finding that one thing and see how beautiful this world will be. You can achieve a lot even if you don’t have it, start by doing a fraction of it from today and see how amazing you can be.

My sole idea behind this is to make you believe in yourself and helping others, as it is said, ‘Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.’ I will keep sharing inspiring examples with you, if you have something inspiring from your personal life then don’t hesitate to share it here or you can write it to me at [email protected]

Learn, Share, Inspire and above all HAVE FUN :)

Happy Reading

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