“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” — Winston Churchill

“There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. There is no such thing as a negative experience, only opportunities to grow, learn and advance along the road of selfmastery. From struggle comes strength. Even pain can be a wonderful teacher”
― Robin S. Sharma

There are innumerable lessons we learn each day of our life, ones I like the most I try to capture in my journal and then follow them ardently. Following are the beautiful lessons I have learnt and wanted to share with you all. These are not elusive traits, even a layman, as I consider myself one of them, can nurture phenomenal habits. I have tried to pour my heart in it, and I’m hopeful that you get something lucrative out of this blog.

  1. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE TO HARD WORK IN LIFE: There are ultra successful people but no one has reached that level without hard work and dedication. Seeing the success of others appears good on the surface but if you see what they underwent, what price they had paid in terms of their time, honesty and dedication you will be surprised. As it is said, ‘Without pain, there is no gain.’
  1. PLAN YOUR DAY A DAY BEFORE: You might have observed that when you don’t have any important work in front of you then anything, how insipid it is, consumes all your day, in retrospect you realize how ludicrous it was. Better plan your day in advance or get ready to waste one more day of those most important days.
  1. SHIFT YOUR FOCUS FROM PROBLEMS TO SOLUTIONS: All my life most people I have come across are always either complaining, just in case, cribbing against the government, the roads or traffic in my city bugs me off, my parents don’t love me, my friends don’t like me or some other lame excuses. It’s very rare I come across people who espouse the notion of focusing on solutions like it’s our responsibility to keep our surroundings clean, we should honk less while driving, empathize with parents, friends, colleagues, help if somebody is injured in an accident, etcetera.
  1. MEDITATE FOR 30 MINUTES, EARLY MORNING: 30 minutes of meditation early morning is the best way to kick-start your day. Meditation helps in freeing our mind of the pollution of unwanted thoughts. It’s a wonderful addiction to have, and the best part is it is best suitable for people of all ages. Try it initially by focusing on your breath, if you wish to learn more you can find various articles on the internet or reach me through my mail.
  1. CHERISH YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: The way you speak to your family members or friends or may be your colleagues shows your respect and allegiance towards them. Relationships are like flowers, you need to water them and show them the sunlight on time to nurture them. If you ignore the thorns (mistakes/weaknesses) and savor the fragrance (companionship) you will love them forever. Most importantly, if you do it without any expectations, you will relish more.
  1. NEVER SPEND A DAY WITHOUT READING, IT IS AS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR MIND AS ‘REGULAR EXERCISE’ IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR BODY: I always say, “A day without reading is a day without breathing.” Well, reading is my oxygen, it’s a wonderful habit I fostered in my 20s, because of which I got addicted to blogging, and came across to many unusual masters that I could never think of. So, I suggest the best you can do is to read a chapter from a good book when you wake up and before you sleep.
  1. LEARN TO STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY: I have often seen that most people, to overcome a negative thought, dwell more over it, thinking it would get eradicated by itself. But they should do the opposite, just replace a negative thought by positive thought, negative words by positive words, and negative people by people with positive attitude. You will soon experience a life of HEAVEN, trust me.
  1. PRACTICE ONE NEW SKILL EVERY YEAR, WHATEVER YOU LEARN WILL HELP YOU IN SOME WAY: If you have a particular skill or experience, it will pay you off in one or other way when you need it the most. Just in case, during a job interview at a consulting firm, if you know how to work on excel, power point, MS office or a photoshop among all the candidates, chances are you will get the job and may be a promotion soon.
  2. HELP WHENEVER YOU CAN, NO ONE CAN STOP YOU FROM DOING THE GOOD WORK: Generally people think of helping others when they will have earned enough in life and when they become affluent then they don’t think of doing so. I simply say, instead of waiting for the opportunity, create an opportunity, at least this you can do because when you genuinely help others they will not just be thankful to you but help others when they can. Our world is inundated with helpful people around us, you just have to find one around you. Do it out of altruism without expecting anything in return.
  3. BE WARY OF YOUR ACTIONS: What you do, someone, somewhere must be watching. I respectfully suggest to be good with everyone especially the impressionable minds, the kids. Today’s juveniles are the future of tomorrow, always try to do something they can imitate and learn. One should understand early, ‘It generally takes 30 years to build a fantastic reputation. And 30 seconds to lose it by a single childish move.’
  4. IF YOU INSPIRE ONE PERSON EACH DAY, YOUR DAY HASN’T BEEN A WASTE. IT’S BEEN A GIFT: Swami Vivekananda said, “if I can inspire even a single person in my entire life I would like to take birth again and again.” The world is full of depressing people, therefore, we need more energetic and joyful people. You might have seen in movies too how the Captain of the sports team unequivocally inspires his team members to give their best which they can enjoy their entire life. To succeed, you must have tremendous perseverance, tremendous will.
  5. LIVING IN THE PAST IS DECEIVING TO YOUR FUTURE: Focusing on the past is like driving a car while looking in the rear view mirror, we all know what will happen next. The worst part is more you focus on the past more you wish to mull over it. Plan your future and live in the present and most of all don’t forget to enjoy the journey of life.
  6. BUILD AN AMAZING CAREER BUT ENJOY A GORGEOUS LIFESTYLE ALONG THE WAY. EXCEL IN BUSINESS AND IN LIFE TOO: Pursue to becoming a good person never mind if you can’t be perfect, if you are happy and a good human being that is more than required. I believe one should be as happy in office as at home, similarly, as happy with family members as with friends.
  7. BE THE MOST HONEST PERSON YOU KNOW: Honesty is a springboard of a beautiful life. Although it takes a long time to earn that but it is remembered for years even when you aren’t alive. Honesty can be rated as one of the top qualities of becoming a good person.
  8. CALIBRATE YOUR VITALITY: It is said that if you have immense energy and sharp focus you can move the mountain as you might have seen in a biographical movie “Manjhi – The Mountain Man”, based on the life of Dashrath Manjhi, in which after 22 years of back-breaking labour, Manjhi carved a path 360 feet long, 25 feet deep in places and 30 feet wide between mountains. If you put all your energy in one direction then no power in this world can stop you from achieving the impossible.
  9. HAVE A ROLE MODEL IN LIFE: There are times in life when the path seems ambiguous, our confidense stifles and we tend to seek guidance from a master. It could be a book, guru, friend, family member or anyone else who can help us show the way and boost our energy especially at times when we are really bogged down with life struggles.
  10. SPEND TIME WITH YOURSELF: If you haven’t learned to spend time with yourself means you have missed meeting with an excellent person in life. We waste inordinate time discussing issues, gossiping with friends, accusing people, talking about problems but find hard to spare meagre 30 minutes a day for ourselves. Think about it, it’s a wonderful habit, it will always keep you on track.

Those who have taken out time to read these ’17 best lessons 2017 has taught me’ really do deserve to lead a life overflowing with joy, productivity, positivity and prosperity.

And as we rise into 2018, I’ll be here to encourage and guide you to even higher levels of leadership and success in life. I like reading your mails, your progress in life is my commitment. There might be some commonalities between us for sure, don’t forget to share them in a comment box, I will be delighted to read them. Do write me if you have something in mind I can write on, I will be happy to do that for you.

Lots of love, wish you the most Blessed and Happiest New Year 2018

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